7 Easy Steps To Become A Pro Writer

7 Easy Steps To Become A Pro Writer

We all are here for writing. No matter what you write – poems, articles, blog posts, short stories, or novels – you are a writer. And, it’s obvious that you always want to become a better writer than you are now. It may not be easy to improve your writing, especially when you are sure you do everything right, and when you don’t know what to do next. You have readers, they comment on your writing positively – and that is enough for some of us.

But there are no limits to perfection, aren’t there? So, let’s take a look at some tricks that can help you improve your writing and become a real pro author fast. There are seven of them, but if you have your own secrets of writing, please, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

1. Make it clear

Certainly, Leo Tolstoy is our guru of writing, but his long and sometimes even dull descriptions drive so many readers crazy! It’s so easy to lose your readers, if you are not able to write anything in a few words and make it clear. No one will read long sentences with no useful information in them. So, the first step to become a pro writer is to learn how to write clear and not to use words in vain.

7 Easy Steps To Become A Pro Writer

By the way, a well-known king of horrors Stephen King considers adverbs a road to hell for every writer, and he believes we shouldn’t use much of them to describe people and events. Fewer words are always better, so, here a step #2 comes:

2. Make it short

We don’t speak here about the quality of the words you use. We speak here about the length of your sentences. It is believed that the longer a sentence is the faster a person reads it. What is bad about that, you ask? Well, we bet you want a reader to feel what you write, not just scan it! You will never be called a good author until your readers feel what you write about. Hence, short and clear sentences are your best helpers here.

3. Make three become your favorite number

Certainly, this rule can hardly be used by those authors who write long novels or fiction, but it can perfectly work for bloggers for example. The point is that people love number 3 because it is the most compelling one among those bits of information a person can process at a time. That is why we all like three strategies, three steps, three points, and so on and so forth. So, when you write a list of something, just try to make this list of three items where possible.

4. Make a right tone of your writing

Every author writes his piece of work with a certain mood and thoughts. But he wants readers to accept the info he planned to deliver, and that is why the tone of your writing plays a very important role. So, always try to write in a way people clearly understood what you wanted to say. As Stephen King said: “Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s”.

5. Make paragraphs short

It will make your writing more readable, if you use short paragraphs (3-4 sentences maximum). Such a step will help you make your story more eye-catching, and it will be more pleasant for your reader to read it. Don’t be shy to use different fonts and subheadings where it’s appropriate.

6. Make it of one topic

Always remember about your topic while writing, otherwise, you will make your readers confused about what exactly you wanted to say, and what they have actually read about. Therefore, always make sure that you stay relevant as to what you write about.

7. Make synonyms become your friends

Try to use different though clear words to make your writing more attractive to readers. It is so boring to read the same word in every sentence, when so many wonderful synonyms can be found. Believe us, your readers will definitely appreciate this. But don’t go too far! There is no need to make your piece of work a simple garbage of words, where it’s difficult to find the point.

About the contributor: Alex Strike is a passionate blogger and consultant of Essay All Stars. Alex is a big fan of Stephen King and Ray Bradbury. He writes on different topics, and he is always ready to share his thoughts with other people.

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